Wellness Meditation to ReNu & Revitalize

Being in the field of health and wellness for almost 2 decades, I have used many methods for healing my clients and myself. I heard about Mario Martinez’s work from Dr. Christiane Northrup and became curious to explore.

I listened to the audio version of his book “The Mind-Body Code” and followed the exercises in the end of each chapter, and I learned

  • How to identify my own Mind-Body Code, so when I pay attention I can feel and identify the emotions in my body, for example, feeling of grief as symptoms of pain or discomfort in my body
  • Once I identify the “mind-body code” for specific emotion, I can release it using my own methods or various methods given in his book


A suggestion before you listened to the meditation
You may need some extra time to “process” each portal of wellness so please pause the recording whenever you need more time before proceeding to the next step.


This meditation is based on Five Portals of Wellness from Mario Martinez’s book
“The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body.”
See more info on his book and explanation of the portals here:
What are Five Portals of Wellness?

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