Get Pain-Free OR Optimal Weight Program

If you are suffering from chronic pain or carrying extra weight or may have both, this program is for you!

Chronic pain can be experienced with weight gain or vice versa. There are common causes like inflammation, dehydration that can cause pain in the body and/or unwanted extra weight. You may be experiencing one or more of these conditions:

  • Pain in joints
  • Pain in muscles
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neck & shoulder pain
  • Back pain
  • Experiencing exhaustion or tiredness
  • Gas and bloating
  • Belly fat
  • Sleep issues

In my 20 years of experience working with clients I have seen and understood that no matter what condition a client may be going through they need to take care of their “whole” being: physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual.

While physical aspect requires healthy food, proper hydration, appropriate body movement and restful sleep;

Emotional needs include nurturing and loving attitude to self and others, feeling of joy and contentment and releasing negative emotions;

Cognitive needs are letting go of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs; and

Spiritual needs are connection to higher power and understanding of value of service and giving back.

What’s included in the program?

  • 10 individual/private sessions of The Body Code from comfort & convenience of your home (45 to 50 minutes each – sessions are done within 4 – 6 weeks for maximum benefit to client)
  • 28 days of healthy, whole foods recipes, suggested weekly menu plan, shopping lists and much more. Download it immediately after signing up for the program. Let us know if any preference between vegetarian and traditional (omnivore) recipes! Find out more details on what’s included here