How I Identified My Energy Type?

In July of 2016 I received a newsletter from Dr. Christiane Northrup with a video link of her interview by Carol Tuttle. They were talking about Energy Profiling with 4 “Types” of energy. I found the discussion very fascinating!

So… I took Carol’s free energy profiling course right then and there that put me on my journey towards identifying my energy type! Once I identified my primary energy type, which took me less than 2 days following Carol’s free course and watching other profiling resources on her website, I started to not only dress differently but something changed in me from inside out that people started to notice.

One of my business networking groups asked me to share what I learned from Carol’s Energy Profiling system so they can benefit too. So I decided to share my own process of identifying my type and I also gave them tips on how I am using this info in my business and personal life.

See my presentation below, also I am including links to Dr Christiane Northrup’s interview and Carol’s Free Energy Profiling course for your quick reference below. I hope you take Carol’s free course and I will be curious to know your experience after you do!

Here is a feedback I received after my presentation…

“Renu’s presentation was powerful and entertaining.
She discussed the four types of energy we all have. Through images, she showed us the difference the discovery made in her own life and encouraged us to embrace our
often-overlooked primary energy to maximize and make our businesses flourish.

Thank you, Renu.”


You can watch Dr Northrup’s interview by Carol Tuttle here.

Dr Christiane Northrup & Carol Tuttle

Carol’s Free Energy Profiling Course here.





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