Self-Healing Tools Online Workshop

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1.  Easy self-healing tools you can use immediately to release stress, enhance immune system and release pain
2. How to feel the subtle energy
3. 3-minute healing you can do daily to release any toxins, increase oxygen and rejuvenate for the whole day
4. and much more

FREE Self Healing Tools Intro Webinar
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  • Are you tired of taking pills for everyday aches and pains?
  • Would you rather use natural methods before reaching for your medicine chest?
  • Have you ever thought of learning energy healing work but didn’t give it a try thinking it might be too hard?

Energy work is not a complicated affair – if you can read a book you can do healing! It’s as simple as that!

You know your body’s innate ability to heal itself. Minor cuts and burns don’t usually bother you because you have seen them go away on their own many times.

If you stop for a moment and think about it you will realize that it’s actually amazing and extraordinary!

Our bodies have the ability to heal itself.

  • Have you ever experienced having very low energy and later feeling totally fine after taking a short walk in a park or talking with a friend?
  • Have you felt drained of energy after talking with someone who may be stressed, angry or depressed?

The energy flow in our bodies can get affected by our environment and can make us feel happy and energized, or feel stressed and drained of energy.

We can feel dis-ease when the flow of energy gets blocked or gets out of balance.

Flow of energy can get blocked by living an unhealthy lifestyle which includes food habits, physical activity, relationships, environment at home and work to name a few.

Energy healing works based on the premise that our body has the ability to heal itself and all we need to do is give our body a “jump start” and our body can take care of the rest.

5-week Self-Healing Tools Workshop includes

  1. What is energy, how we can access energy to use it for healing
  2. How our thoughts and emotions affect our body
  3. Components of our energy system, it’s connection to physiological and psychological aspects
  4. How to protect ourselves from others’ negative emotions and thoughts
  5. A daily routine to release stress, boost energy and increase your power of healing
  6. Simple self-healing tools to release energy blocks and restore the flow of energy for the body to heal itself
  7. And much more!

Self-healing tools are actually easier than you can imagine. Once you know the basics of how it works you will be able to create your own tools. That’s my aim for this workshop.

If you really look around there are hundreds of energy healing modalities and it can become overwhelming, but my aim is to make it easier for you so you don’t feel overwhelmed with all the information that’s out there.


Frequently Asked Questions on
5-week Self-Healing Tools Online Workshop

Who is it for?
It is for people who are looking for tools to help themselves daily and also when experiencing health issues with changes in season or with everyday aches and pains. That being said, these tools are effective enough for support during any health challenges you may be facing so you can help yourself to keep your energy levels high, take care of the stress and pain that come with dealing with health challenges and keeping up with doctors visits. The self-healing tools are simple to learn and use for yourself, and for your family and friends.

How will this program be delivered?
Weekly 90 minutes live sessions online for 5 weeks that will include Q&A so your questions are answered for clarity. Recordings will be available after the session to catch up with the missed sessions.

When does it start?
May 21, 2019 (Weekly sessions every Tuesday for 5 weeks)
Registration closes on May 20, 11:59 pm PT (Pacific Standard Time)

What if I do not like the class?
We’ve got your back! It’s my goal to make sure you get the best experience with this online course. I am confident that you will find the information useful and that you will enjoy learning these self-healing tools. You can enroll in this course and claim a full and timely refund 10 days after the course begins.

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10-day 100% money back guarantee!


About the instructor

Renu Agrawal is a Holistic Health Coach, Certified in The Body Code & Emotion Code, and founder of ReNu Your Life! She received her training from Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NY. She is also trained in various healing modalities. She has been coaching, healing and teaching for 20 years.


Self-Healing Tools Online Workshop (5-Week Program)

Starts on May 21, 2019 

Duration: 5 weekly sessions of 90 min each

Location: Online (learn from comfort of your home)

Investment: $197 $147 if registered by May 20

10-Day 100% money back guarantee

Get $50 off and pay only $147 if registered by May 20

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