Effortless Meditation with Sound

Have you ever tried to meditate by “silencing” your mind and found yourself more restless?

Try meditating with sound…

Sound Meditation using Binaural beats therapy is categorized under brainwave entrainment, a method of training the brain’s electrical circuit through a series of discrete sound pulses. All you need is a pair of headphones.


I have been listening to Sacred Acoustics recordings to meditate with and loving it! I slept amazingly deep after the very first day of listening to their free recording – Sacred Acoustics Om, and I noticed I could focus and think clearly as if my brain fog was lifted… it’s like we notice the humming of machinery the moment it stops!

 You can download 20-minute free recording from their website
Sacred Acoustics Om IMG_0861

According to the co-founder of Scared Acoustics, Karen Newell: “Brainwave entrainment refers to an audio technology that contains binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other sound effects that help quiet the racing thoughts in our minds.

With repeated use, listeners have reported an increase in intuition, improved health, reduced stress, greater focus and creative inspiration, better sleep, and increased access to personal guidance.”



Meditation with the Sunset

End your day with a relaxing visualization with the sunset!

Watching the beauty of a sunset is one of the best ways to fill our heart with gratitude and awe. Unless we live in a place that allows us to view and enjoy the sunset, we can easily miss the splendor and grandeur of this beautiful phenomenon.

Using the imagination along with this simple meditation,
let’s end our day with feeling of gratitude and relaxation!


ReNu & Revitalize with Flowers

When life gets busy or complicated we forget simple things that bring us joy.

Flowers help us connect with nature and remind us of the beauty that surrounds us.

This meditation with flowers brings us closer to nature and reminds us to simplify our life, take time for ourselves, purify our lives of negative people, places & experiences, and bring joy back to our hearts!


Daisies help to simplify our lives!

Yellow Tulips

Tulips remind us to take time for ourselves!

white rose-140446_1920

White rose helps to purify our lives…


Sunflower brings joy!

Enjoy this simple meditation with flowers!!!

What are Five Portals of Wellness?

The following points are taken from Mario Martinez’s book “Mind-Body Code,” that I used for Wellness Meditation to ReNu & Revitalize.



A biosymbol is a word, image, memory, or belief that has been given a cultural interpretation that affects our biology.

We say things like “I can’t stomach that,” “My heart’s not in it,”

“I want peace of mind,” and many other expressions representing the mindbody biosymbols we use to convey our inner and outer world.

I propose five areas of the mindbody space that manifest our most essential biosymbols. These range from our need for safety to our quest for spirituality. I call these areas portals because they are gates of expression of the total being: causes that cannot be attributed to specific physical locations.

The First Portal: Safety

The first portal covers a biosymbolic area from the feet to the belly.

The physiological expression of this portal is most evident when there is a threat to our physical or emotional safety; a fight-or-flight response is triggered to stop digestion and send extra blood to the legs. In times of perceived danger, the mindbody code determines that fighting or running away is more important than digesting food.

The positive side of this portal is the sense of comfort, delight, and calmness we feel at the end of a lovely meal with close friends.

The Second Portal: Love

The second portal extends from the solar plexus to the upper chest, and it expresses the biosymbols of love. There is a strong correlation between heart conditions and emotional losses. The biosymbol of a broken heart can be more than a poetic sentiment; the loss of a partner can increase the onset of cardiac abnormalities.

Conversely, experiments show that love and other positive emotions increase coherence in the rhythmic patterns of the heart rate, one of the indicators of cardiac health.

The Third Portal: Expression

The third portal reflects the biosymbols of expression and emotional freedom. It extends from the neck to the eyebrows, as well as to the arms and hands. Our facial and hand expressions and the tones of voice we use are all examples of how the third portal manifests biosymbols related to expression.

The Fourth Portal: Peace

The fourth portal encompasses the area from the forehead to the crown of the head. We experience our thoughts as if they were coming from inside our heads. And although cognition is a collaborative function of mind and body, the forehead seems to be the biosymbolic portal of our mental processes. Expressions such as “I am thinking so much that my head hurts” and “My mind is at peace,” as well as tension headaches resulting from excessive worrying, are but a few examples of fourth portal manifestations.

The Fifth Portal: Spirit

This spiritual portal is the most difficult to describe using linear language because of its nonlocal essence. In other words, it does not have a set location, and it does not travel through time and space. Yet we can still give the spiritual portal a metaphorical presence to unify the mental activities emanating from our physical body with a metaphysical entity that transcends our mortality.

The Contemplative Method

The key to reaching a contemplative state of serenity is to not try to relax! If you try to relax, most likely it will have the opposite effect because to “try” is to concentrate on a goal rather than to witness a process.

The object of this contemplative method (observation, not interpretation) is threefold. It will enable you to:

  • witness for yourself the portals of safety, love, expression, peace, and spirit
  • learn to access the mindbody code
  • identify patterns of stress and their biosymbols


Mario Martinez’s book

Mind-Body Code

“The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body”

You know that your mind influences your health-but what’s influencing your mind? Unless you answer this question, teaches Dr. Mario Martinez, you may be missing a key component on the journey to health and personal excellence.

In The Mind-Body Code, the founder of Biocognitive Theory presents his first audio curriculum about the dynamic interplay between our thoughts, our bodies and our cultural history-and how to unlock this powerful doorway to wellness and fulfillment.

Wellness Meditation to ReNu & Revitalize

Being in the field of health and wellness for almost 2 decades, I have used many methods for healing my clients and myself. I heard about Mario Martinez’s work from Dr. Christiane Northrup and became curious to explore.

I listened to the audio version of his book “The Mind-Body Code” and followed the exercises in the end of each chapter, and I learned

  • How to identify my own Mind-Body Code, so when I pay attention I can feel and identify the emotions in my body, for example, feeling of grief as symptoms of pain or discomfort in my body
  • Once I identify the “mind-body code” for specific emotion, I can release it using my own methods or various methods given in his book


A suggestion before you listened to the meditation
You may need some extra time to “process” each portal of wellness so please pause the recording whenever you need more time before proceeding to the next step.


This meditation is based on Five Portals of Wellness from Mario Martinez’s book
“The Mind-Body Code: How the Mind Wounds and Heals the Body.”
See more info on his book and explanation of the portals here:
What are Five Portals of Wellness?