What people are saying…

Like I can breathe for the first time in years! 
Crying tears of happiness!  Feeling lighter, like I can breathe for the first time in years! 
Wow!  I just wanted to let you know, I feel transformed! Thank you from the deepest part of my being to the tips of my hair!  💙❤️💜
Tracy Griffin, Louisiana, USA


We are all impressed with your centeredness and  giftedness as an energy healer…
I just want you to know that my family, including my sisters, have been getting Body Talk sessions and Body Code/Emotion Code for years (from various practitioners) and we are all impressed with your centeredness and  giftedness as an energy healer. Thank you for the sessions. My younger sister is going to sign up too. 😊
Tracy S., Montgomery, TX, USA


The pain disappeared completely!
I had this debilitating back pain for the last two months, so much so that I found it difficult even to get up, walk and even sleep. I was travelling and couldn’t get medical attention for some time. In the meantime, Vinita, my wife suggested to talk to Ms. Renu Agrawal and get help. It seems she was treated by Renu for her knee pain, while she met Renu in Udaipur, India. I am a strong believer in alternative therapies and so I readily agreed, confident that it will give me relief from my pain and resultant incapacitation. But, I was in for a big surprise.

I didn’t expect instant relief from the severe pain by the end of a short telecon and remote treatment/therapy done by Renu. The pain disappeared completely and has not recurred even after three days. Next day she worked on strengthening my back and, viola, my back became stronger and my posture improved. All this happened while she was in Houston, Texas and i was in Kochi, Kerala. Unbelievable!

Thanks Renu for everything! Wish you reach greater heights in this noble endevour.

Vijay G., Kochi, Kerala, India


It was a unique experience…I never thought that this can work so much!
I am thankful to Renu Agrawal who is an expert and known for her holistic healing. I am a stroke patient and had recovered from that around 80% but after sometime I felt that the progress has become slow and was taking time. Then in the month of February I met Renu who is a holistic practitioner and it is when she told me that she can do distant healing which can help me in my further progress. At that time I didn’t know as to how it will help me as she lives in Houston and I’m living in Dubai.

So after my first session and after completion of that I felt so good, lighter and I had some type of healing vibration in my body. For me it was a unique experience. In first session she found so many emotional blockages in my body on which she worked upon and she removed that. And the next day I could feel it has eased my movements, which I used to feel restricted before. After stroke I lost my balance she found out that alignment is shifted so she fixed that and now balance has become much better, amazing recovery.

I never thought that this can work so much. My ankle movements have become better and stiffness gone as in stroke muscles become stiff.

Overall it’s a wonderful to get this healing which can benefit you a lot without medicine. And Renu has so much experience not only that along with this she has a good heart and soul to help people. She is so passionate and dedicated to her work which make me stress and pain free and solve my problem with her holistic-healing. Doing her work with 100% faith and positive mind I surely feel a big change and difference in my over all well being. I will continue with her as I know and I have full trust in her that she will help me to solve all my problem to achieve my goal.

I do not have words to express my gratitude for you. Thank you from the core of my heart…

With fond wishes
Farida J., Dubai


It’s been transformational!
Hi Renu, I just been sitting observing what is different (after the session 4 days ago). Which I can tell you, I have been changing and it helps more and more everyday. I actually sat this morning and went though all of one “task” that I needed to finish and wow… I finished. Usually I would have been distracted and done something else. I have much more energy and the “slacking” feeling I used to have I don’t.
It’s been transformational and thank you so much!
Mario R., USA