Self-Healing with Glyphs

We are a part of the energy of our source, that’s why we have power to heal ourselves.

One of the healing tools I often use is called Glyph.

A glyph is a specific shape, design, character or word that is intended to represent a specific meaning and purpose.

Dr Jean Logan created many glyphs for the purpose of releasing negative emotions or painful memories from past, blockages that create health issues, lack of confidence or whatever else holds us back. One of the first glyphs she created was to successfully release fear from her dog who used to get scared during thunderstorm. How cool is that?

She has published 4 books with glyphs, and each book has about 30 glyphs with various functions.

I have created a short online course on how to use these glyphs effectively for self-healing and for family, friends & pets. Self-Healing with Glyphs course is free.

Here is the link to Self-Healing with Glyphs course to watch the videos, answers to frequently asked questions, and download notes of the contents.

Self-Healing with Glyphs online course