Spring is the Best Time to Lose Extra Pounds!

Spring is the Best Time to Lose Extra Pounds!

So many of my clients want to eat right, want to follow the right lifestyle but they don’t know how. There is so much conflicting information out there that the more they dig deeper the more they get confused. They try diet after diet and give up because the results are either too short lived or too difficult to maintain and sometimes they don’t get any results at all.

One of my clients in her late 40s heard raw smoothies are good for health but kept feeling so cold after her morning smoothie that she would take long hot shower to warm herself up. It was winter! I suggested her to choose out of 2 options (if she wanted to have raw smoothies) either take her smoothies in the afternoon or wait for spring/summer. Also suggested to add more clean protein and some good fat in her diet during winter.


At the same time her husband did great with the morning smoothies and lost extra pounds especially around his belly, his blood pressure came down and he experienced more energy throughout the day.

Both their bodies are unique you see. What worked for her husband wasn’t good for her.


Why the same food worked for one person but not for the other?

“One person’s food, another person’s poison!”

It’s because we are all unique. Our bodies are unique, our thinking and feelings are unique.

Another client had a lot of congestion and sluggishness during spring. She loved her cheese! She was also eating way too much protein. Reducing amount of protein and eliminating cheese and other dairy products for a few weeks took care of her congestion and low energy.

The other factor that’s very important to be conscious about is SEASON. What our bodies need in winter is totally different than summer or spring.


Did you know that spring is the best time to lose weight?


Take full advantage of spring by eating appropriate foods if losing weight is what you are looking for.






  1. The last statistic you share–98% of dieters will regain their weight or more within two years–is completely discouraging! I makes me wonder why I should bother. 2% success seems unreal. Wish the odds were better.


    • Hi Kerry! That’s why we don’t need “diet” path, we need to eat real food and still get the result we want and we can sustain that. No need to go into roller coaster ride with our weight and how we feel. Does that make sense?


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