Guided Meditation to Release Stress & Pain



Who doesn’t have stress?

Deadlines at work, exhaustion due to overwork, financial situation, health issues, strained relationships, lack of sleep… stresses keep coming at us from various directions. Sometimes it feels like you solve one problem and another is waiting just around the corner and that feeling itself can cause more stress!

So what’s the solution? Release them regularly. Do not let it build up! We don’t brush our teeth for the whole week or month we do it daily, the same applies to food, sleep etc. We need to make a conscious effort to practice releasing stress on a regular basis.

There are various ways to release stress based on our own nature – some like spending time in nature or having pets, hanging out with friends & family, some people release stress by physical activity like exercise, gardening, cooking, playing their favorite games, some like to listen to relaxing music or dance while some need regular breaks from monotonous routine or may need some time away from people to think and reflect.

Daisies in field

Simple guided meditation is something that most people can use to release stress. The word meditation can cause stress for some people because they think they have to sit down and practice how not to think! Your mind will never stop thinking. So why not use the power of mind to meditate and release stress & pain? Meditation is an excellent tool to not only release thoughts and emotions that may be bothering you but also for relaxation and to bring more joy, peace and calm in life.

Listen to this simple guided meditation to release stress and pain on a regular basis.



Hindi Version of Guided Meditation to Release Stress & Pain


Have you had success with meditation?
What do you do for stress relief on a regular basis?
Share your comments I would love to hear your experiences.

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