Effortless Meditation with Sound

Have you ever tried to meditate by “silencing” your mind and found yourself more restless?

Try meditating with sound…

Sound Meditation using Binaural beats therapy is categorized under brainwave entrainment, a method of training the brain’s electrical circuit through a series of discrete sound pulses. All you need is a pair of headphones.


I have been listening to Sacred Acoustics recordings to meditate with and loving it! I slept amazingly deep after the very first day of listening to their free recording – Sacred Acoustics Om, and I noticed I could focus and think clearly as if my brain fog was lifted… it’s like we notice the humming of machinery the moment it stops!

 You can download 20-minute free recording from their website
Sacred Acoustics Om IMG_0861

According to the co-founder of Scared Acoustics, Karen Newell: “Brainwave entrainment refers to an audio technology that contains binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other sound effects that help quiet the racing thoughts in our minds.

With repeated use, listeners have reported an increase in intuition, improved health, reduced stress, greater focus and creative inspiration, better sleep, and increased access to personal guidance.”



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