Can walking barefoot reduce your pain?

Did you ever notice that spending time in a beach or a park relaxes you?

Or a visit to a beautiful garden calms you down?

A dip in seawater is known for it’s healing benefits.

Yes we get fresh air, oxygen and sun outdoors, but there is something else that we are totally unaware of – grounding … connecting with earth!

Here are some of the benefits of Earthing or Grounding

– Reduce inflammation and pain

– Lower stress by reducing cortisol (stress hormone)

– Boost energy and antioxidants in our body

– Improve sleep

– Clear thinking

– Improve circulation by promoting healthy blood flow

These days we barely take our shoes off. Kids have natural instinct to take their shoes off as soon as they see grass or a sandy beach.

Our indoor modern living causes our body to build positive charge. And earth has mild negative charge.

We are bombarded by “dirty electricity” and EMF through cell phones, Wi-Fi, TV, computers and other electronic devices, electrical appliances at home, automatic doors etc.

Earth’s surface is rich with electrons that can neutralize this positive charge or dirty electricity and EMF, and bring back our energy field into healthy balance. And it’s available to us for FREE!

Are you getting enough grounding?

Try these simple suggestions:

– Walk barefoot on grass (preferably moist grass), sand or soil – at least a few times a week

– Hug trees

– Spend some time gardening

– Use Earthing mat (available on

I recommend reading “Earthing”, a “groundbreaking” book by Clinton Ober & Stephen Sinatra, MD. This will explain the science behind grounding, health benefits and much more.

You can watch “Grounded” documentary, also available on YouTube.

Remember to take your shoes off the next time you go to a beach or park.

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