Easy Homemade Korean Kimchi

I learned this authentic Korean recipe from a friend. She shared her own fresh Kimchi with me, loved it! So I tried her instructions to make kimchi. I have grown my taste buds to eat spicier foods now because I am eating kimchi with almost all my meals!

If you like Korean Kimchi, you must try her Korean Cucumber blog.

I like getting my probiotics from fermented vegetables (sauerkraut, kimchi), yogurt, kefir and water kefir.

2 Napa cabbage chopped, salted with Korean natural sea salt and left for a few hours. Squeeze out water. Add spring onions, garlic, ginger, carrots.


Add Korean red pepper powder. Look at the color!


Mix them well.


Jar them tightly, make sure to leave at least an inch of space on top.


Place the jars on a plate or tray to catch any overflowing liquids. It will be ready to eat in 3 days.


Easy Homemade Korean Kimchi


  • 2 Napa cabbage chopped, salted with 1/2 cup Korean natural sea salt and left for a few hours (4-5 hours). Squeeze out water.
  • 1 head garlic – peeled and pressed in garlic press
  • 2 inch ginger – grated
  • 1 bunch (about 8) spring onions – chopped in rounds (all greens and white parts)
  • 1-2 carrots, grated
  • 4 heaping Tbsp Korean red pepper flakes



  1. Mix all ingredients with hands.
  2. Push it down into glass jars so there is no air. Pack them tightly. Do leave an inch of empty space on top.
  3. Cover, leave the lid slightly loose. You might want to put the jar on a plate or something to catch liquid.
  4. Will be ready to eat in 3 days.
  5. It tastes really good after a couple of weeks. I leave it on my kitchen counter for about 3½ – 4 weeks and then refrigerate.


How do you like to get your probiotics?


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