New and Old… So much Fun!

So much fun learning new things, adapting and adjusting in the new environment as I am visiting Gurgaon, India!

First see beauties that I found in the concrete jungle…

frangipani-optm  lillies-optm

I lived in New Delhi 21 years ago before moving to North America. As with any place lots of new constructions… even lifestyle changed drastically with advent of the Internet.

I used to walk to a nearby vegetable vendor to get fresh, seasonal vegetables and now I order online and get it delivered to our doorsteps. The vegetable lady often used to give my kids crunchy cucumber or carrot to munch on while I picked the veggies. I wonder if the cucumber is now replaced by a juice carton or candy in that little market.

September is the tail end of rainy season and we usually don’t eat leafy greens during rainy season in India. I wanted to continue my morning green smoothie routine so I brought Pure Synergy green powder that I can blend with some fruits.

And a friend of mine gave us bunch of fresh sweet Neem leaves, also called curry leaves, from her tree that I am adding to my yummy smoothies here. I might be able to manage some fresh moringa leaves for my smoothies as well.

pure-synergy-optm   sweet-neem-leaves-optm

smoothie1-prep-optm   smoothie2-optm

Also I learned a new thing to sprout – fenugreek seeds! We ate for breakfast with some mung sprouts along with yummy green smoothie 🙂

sprouted-fenugreek-seeds-optm   mung-fenugreek-seeds-sprouts-optm


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